Greg Kramer

Greg Kramer has been studying astrology for the past 30 years and teaches on a regular basis. While he has investigated many authors and branches of the study, his main influences have been Anthony Damiani and Marc Edmund Jones.

Pat Lallas

Pat Lallas has studied astrology, psychology and spirituality for many years and has found them of great help in understanding herself, others, and the many mysteries she has encountered along the way. Life learning has involved business management, community involvement and raising children. All have been a source of profound learning and inform her practical approach to astrology. She is on the Board of Directors of Wisdoms Goldenrod and currently practices astrology and teaches classes in downtown Ithaca, NY.

Linda Ruth

Linda Ruth was starstruck at a very early age. After seeing The Miracle Worker on Broadway at the age of 8, she began to study acting at the local theatre in her hometown. As a student at Cornell University she pursued her deep attraction to the Mysteries through studies in literature, religion, mythology and psychology. Gradually, she became more interested in the stars of the solar system than the stars of the theatre. But not until 1969, when she met American philosopher Anthony Damiani, were the mysteries truly addressed. She studied Philosophy and Astrology with Damiani until his death in 1984. Since then her tracks have led through Alchemy, Counseling, Psychology, Dream work, and the Healing Arts. She has had a professional Astrology practice in Ithaca N.Y. since 1981, and has been a teacher at the IM school of Healing Arts since 1999, where she currently teaches Astrology.

Lenny Silver

Lenny Silver was one of the first students to arrive at Anthony Damiani's bookstore, the American Brahman Bookstore, in 1967. He has been a devoted student of these mysteries through the twists and turns of life since then. Lenny and his wife of many years Janet live in Ithaca with their intrepid cat Maria, sometimes called Alice. Lenny plays keyboards—blues and rock—with Pete Panek and the Blue Cats. He recently retired from Cornell where he had worked as a computer programmer and a mathematician.

Timothy Smith

Timothy James Smith met his teacher, Anthony Damiani, in 1967, thanks to Lenny Silver's suggestion. Over the next 17 years, until his death, Anthony did his best to bludgeon the truth into Tim's resistant mind, with some success. Timothy also worked with Anthony's own teacher, Paul Brunton, and has the been the co-editor of his posthumous works since 1981. He has been a full-time professional astrologer since the early 80's, with a lifetime interest in applying the deeper resonances of the chart to daily life. Tim lives happily in the middle of nowhere with his wife Karen, four cats and a lot of books.

Avery Solomon

Avery Solomon does research and teaching at Wisdom's Goldenrod Center for Philosophic Studies in Hector, NY, where he learned philosophy and astrology from its founder Anthony Damiani. Avery helped edit several posthumous books of Damiani, including Astronoesis: juxtaposing the philosophy of Plotinus and Astrology. He also practices and teaches about wholeness healing, Bijun Qi-gong, mathematics and science in the USA and abroad.

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